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  Jonas Leder 75fef119e9 „README.MD“ ändern 2 days ago
  Jonas Leder cfc268467d Changed version number to 2.0 2 days ago
  Jonas Leder d62ce2f399 add support for downloading mp4 files (video) and save path + last used format will be saved for next time. 2 days ago
  Jonas Leder a6e7dc2d70 removed percentage while downloading 1 month ago
  Jonas Leder a6760d09f2 Window is now smaller 1 month ago
  Jonas Leder eec59f8a66 removed some useless spaces in code 1 month ago
  Jonas Leder 2f15266194 Added error messages if youtube-dl or ffmpeg ist not found while downloading and fixed crash, if youtube-dl, ffmpeg or the update can't be downloaded. Also changed version from 1.4 to 1.5 1 month ago
  Jonas Leder 30bea992a6 Changed Version from 1.3 to 1.4 2 months ago
  Jonas Leder 83532fad92 Delete unnecessary files from ffmpeg update after download (ffmpeg.zip and 7za.exe) 2 months ago
  Jonas Leder a9a27fcf20 Fixed Verion big, when updating youtube-dl 3 months ago
  Jonas Leder ca9d79e92d Fix Version number 1.2.2 ==> 1.3 3 months ago
  Jonas Leder e84277286b add option to keep the downloaded file (-k flag from youtube-dl) 3 months ago
  Jonas Leder c5dd783eeb add LFS 3 months ago
  Jonas Leder b729d0590e fixed some language bugs (new version number 1.2.1) 3 months ago
  Jonas Leder a8e269c7bd Merge branch 'master' of https://git.jonasled.de/jonasled/Youtube-Downloader 3 months ago
  Jonas Leder 8327cabc36 Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/ffmpeg_update_fix' 3 months ago
  Jonas Leder 3dd9ac9f11 Changed version number 3 months ago
  Jonas Leder 2f14d37d48 fix version number not fixed after update 3 months ago
  Jonas Leder dc87509d32 Add update function for ffmpeg (fix extract from zip file) 3 months ago
  Jonas Leder 16eb2a6ff2 „README.MD“ hinzufügen 3 months ago
  Jonas Leder 404e742571 Fix Version 3 months ago
  Jonas Leder 978b37cffc include automatic update 3 months ago
  Jonas Leder c6bf643550 add about tab 3 months ago
  Jonas Leder 2b74ab1ee9 Fix bug with audio files in subdirectory 3 months ago
  Jonas Leder fe7cc8edec add icon and fix playlist download 3 months ago
  Jonas Leder 6f72a895d9 download to mp3 works 3 months ago
  Jonas Leder c814a02153 youtube-dl + ffmpeg 3 months ago
  Jonas Leder f8b060d2b9 init 3 months ago
  jonas e0df0e05fe GITIGNORE und GITATTRIBUTES hinzufügen. 3 months ago